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Bicker Preparatory School Bicker Preparatory School

Following the theft of lead from the roof of St Swithun’s Church in Bicker, children from Bicker Preparatory School and Early Years have played an important role in helping
St. Swithun's PCC to secure funding for a replacement roof.

With the church playing an important role in the life of the school with the children leading services at Christmas, Mothers’ Day, and Harvest Festival, the children were keen to help. They came up with the idea of writing a ‘village biography’ to illustrate the role played by the church in the lives of prominent village residents. Church stewards were delighted with this suggestion and have worked to turn these biographies into permanent display boards which will be read by generations to come.

The photograph shows Year 5 and 6 children who interviewed and wrote the biographies, together with Rev. Hindley, some of the church stewards and village residents.